The speaker of this event that devided in two section was Mr. Miftahul Firdaus. At the first section, Mr. Daus presented about logging objectives include Petroleum System, Drilling, Measurement of Survey Scale, Basic Well Logging and Fundamental of Logging Tools. From the beginning, he explained how an important logging such as to know the condition of borehole. According to Mr. Miftahul, logging data is used to identify lithology of reservoir rock (GR), fluid contain (hydrocarbon, water, or gas) (LLD) and porosity (neutron and density). Throughout a course, Mr. Miftahul often gave some questions to participants that used to know and measure their comprehension about that course. The participants would get prize if could answer his question. All participants enjoyed because his explanation could be understood easily.

            At second section, the course was more interesting with attributes of petrophysical objectives. That was interesting section, because this is his job as petrophysicist every time. According to Mr. Miftahul, petrophysicists are quick look interpretation because they are first people in the exploration to determine a water, oil or gas layer in reservoir. Petrophysical data is utilized by all E & P disciplines such as Geophysicist, Geologist, Reservoir Engineers, Drilling Engineers and Completion Engineers. One of them is logging tool categories included gamma ray, spontaneous potential (SP), density and neutron that used to reservoir identification. There are porosity and lithology tools such as density, neutron and sonic. After that, Fluid contain is determined by tools such as lateralog and induction log who measurement resistivity of rock.
            In second section, Mr. Miftahul gave time for discussion. The participants were given an exercise to calculation saturation water based on quick look interpretation used Archie’s equation for identification hydrocarbon saturation. Information that was given such as well log data, core information, and water salinity from water analysis data. That exercise was given to get the best possible interpretation from some data sets.

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