Mr. M. Noor Alamsyah 
Geoscience is a collection branch of science that studies the earth. Geoscience combines physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and geology to establish a quantitative understanding of the Earth's crust. Geoscience also learn about human interaction with nature in the sphere of physical phenomena.

Geoscience discusses the earth as one of the planets in the solar system that addresses the layers of the earth to the top of the atmosphere. Root geoscience science is physics, chemistry, biology, Mathematic. 

Geoscience related disciplines encompass:
The study of geology à composition, structure, and history of the Earth. Example: mineralogy, geochemistry, geomorphology, and paleontology. The science of geodesy measurements and dimensions of the Earth's shape, weight and density
Geography à science that describes the surface of the Earth, physical features, climate, vegetation, soil. 

Early Competence:
  1. Articulate formal
  2. Have imagination
  3. Curiosity to study Earth
  4. A computer work
  5. Can solve the problem
  6. Both in mathematics and science
  7. Able to work in a team
Expertise must be present:
  1. Soft skills: active, teamwork, adaptability, creativity, intuition
  2. Hard skills: basic knowledge, computer skills, English, organizational experience.
Key competencies: geology + geophysics = Geoscience 

Geoscience is really important nowadays because it could be use as the main knowlodge to search for new energy resources. 

(Resume from Shortcourse on March,8th 2015)

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