This guest lecture was started at 08:30 A.M. Participants who attended came from University of Brawijaya and Islamic Nation University Malang. The event was succeeded, the speakers very excited with enthusiastic from articipant. This event will be excellent gathering and of course share knowledge about challenges in frontier area exploration. But, the title is not balance with presentation from the speaker. The speaker gave presentation about introduction to petroleum industries and cause of low oil price.
        Petroleum is a natura yellow-to-black flammable liquid hydrocarbon found beneath the earth’s surface. Hydrocarbon s an organic compound made from carbon and hydrogen atoms. There are two part of petroleum geologist exploration, surface geology and subsurface geology. A petroleum geologist is a detective, predict where oil and gas occurs. On the other hand, oil prices are down. The cause of price to drop is a simple economic law. Low oil price will be gave benefit consumer but loses for oil producing countries.

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