Geoscience in simple meaning isearth science. Geoscience is a combination of all natural sciences (mathematics, chemistry, physics, geology, and biology), to establish a quantitative understanding of the layers of the earth. Our country, Indonesia is very strategic when viewed with geoscience’s perspective. Some things caused that are:
1.      Indonesia is near to equator
2.      Between two continents and two oceans
3.      Crossed by two seismic lines (Pacific belt and Mediterranean belt)
4.      There are thousands of islands and hundreds of volcanoes
5.      70% Water and 30% Land
6.      Rich in natural resources (Oil and Gas, Mineral, and Biological resources)

Geoscientist is an expert in geosciences. Geoscience is divided to several branch, that are:
1.      Geology
a.       Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
b.      Mineralogy and Petrology
c.       Oil and Gas
2.      Geophysics
a.       Environmental Geophysics
b.      Marine Geophysics
3.      Geomorphology
4.      Geodesy
5.      Oceanography

Some of the geoscientist's career is a consultant; mining industry; oil and gas industry; geotechnical field; as academics; and in the administration. A geoscientistgetting productive when he is 8 years since the beginning of learning in the lecture. In employment, the important thing is the soft skills, including how to communicate with others.

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