Greetings from President

Welcome to AAPG University of Brawijaya Student Chapter

We are too not enough to called perfect. We still have many things should be repaired.
Even sometimes we feel the pains of falling through our way.
But, we are walking together. Holding hand each other.
Trying to be better, to get the best we can reach. To carry out anything we can do.
Surely we can not act as an arrogant unity, that only want to showing up their superiority.
 We just a small family that want to help the world by using our simple-little steps.
All we can do is give with no receive. Because we can not be selfish.
And we will drowning soon, if we just keep quiet with no action.

So, lets think Big, start small.

Please contact us on the given link or mail if you have anything you want to ask us or critics about our work programs.

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