This guest lecture was started at 08:30 A.M. The course was collaborated with AAPG Student Chapter and SMIAGI Student Chapter. Participants who attended came from University of Brawijaya. The event was succeeded, the speakers give quizzes for students. Short course share knowledge about Seismic Interpretation for Structural & Stratigraphic Trap.

          The seismic data is a data obtained by firing the seismic waves in the Earth's surface. Seismic divided into two seismic refraction and seismic reflection. Instrumentation in seismic acquisition is vibroseis, geophone, dynamite, labo and cable. In seismic acquisition there are two obtained by the signal and noise. Data from the acquisition seismic still contain signal and noise. Signal and noise is what will be processed to become the seismic data to the noise and there are only a signal that shows the subsurface geological conditions. Signal is a case that shows the geological conditions that exist below the surface, while the noise itself is harmful because it indicates something that is problematic. Noise it self must be removed at the time of processing seismic data.

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