Brief History of Brawijaya University SC of AAPG

           Brawijaya University Student Chapter of AAPG is the eleventh student chapter of AAPG in Indonesian. It is established in January, 23, 2004 in Brawijaya University with Shohiful Aziz as the first president.  With starting members consists of geosciences and physics students from Brawijaya University, AAPG SC UB tries to gather students who have interest in geology and petroleum world to share knowledge and broaden our perspective on geosciences field related. At first, it was pretty hard to accomplish this mission. But as time passed by, Brawijaya University Student Chapter of AAPG continues to do our mission in serving the students and community up until now. One of the proof UB SC of AAPG continuous devotion and commitment in improving the students knowledge about geosciences industry is its been awarded. Hopefully, this progress will continue to advances in the future with the new generations that run the student chapter.
             AAPG Brawijaya University Student Chapter of AAPG this year is run by 14 executive committee consist of the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, Codex division, liner division and IT division with Indri Dwi Yuliandari as the elected president. Under this new executive committee, hopefully UB SC of AAPG will continue to improved and more accommodating to the geosciences student need.

Our recent President:
1. Shohiful Aziz (2004)
2. Arief Rahman (2005)
3. Joko Wiyono (2006)
4. Irfan Mashudi (2007)
5. Roni Yusuf (2008)
6. Irwan (2009)
7. M. Yazid (2010)
8. Galang Purnomo (2011)
9. Atok Yulianto (2012)
10. Risky Gustiansyah (2013)
11. Lucky Kriski Muhtar (2014)
12. Rizqi Fadlilah (2015)
13. Indri Dwi Yuliandari (2016)

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